What We Do

Grand Montre is a watch repair specialist that offers a complete range of services in restoration and acquisitions of high-end, vintage and classic timepieces.

As a mechanical device that is in constant motion, watches are prone to regular wear and tear. It is recommended that a new watch be serviced every three to five years to keep it in perfect order.

Care & Maintenance

This delicate procedure requires a steady hand and good posture as up to 300 parts are disassembled and examined under a loupe (small magnifying glass). Parts are inspected, cleaned or replaced before it is reassembled again in a process that can take up to 10 days. Includes battery replacement, light buffing and water pressure test (where necessary).Maintenance service for mechanical models include cleaning and oiling the escapement and the balance, checking the parameters of the working of the movement and the watch’s other functions. Quartz models do not have as many moving parts but require battery replacement, plus routine check and setting of the movement with a special tool. All watches have the case and metal bracelet cleaned, the seals changed and the waterproofing checked.

Complete Overhaul

Depending on how your watch is used, a complete overhaul includes disassembling the movement, cleaning and checking all components, replacing worn components, reassembling, lubricating and setting, as well as changing the battery for electronic models. This also includes taking the case apart, with a thorough cleaning and careful polishing of both the case and the strap, as well as replacing all the waterproofing seal.

Repair & Restoration

This is a more time-consuming process, especially when working with highly intricate, vintage pieces. Your precious timepieces are returned to their glory days with a deep cleaning of gold and jewel-encrusted straps, and surface refinishing to smooth over nicks and scratches.

Original Genuine Parts

As a watch repair specialist, Grand Montre deals only with original, genuine parts which we source directly from authorised dealers and manufacturers.

Authentication & Valuations

The price of a luxury watch can easily cost tens of thousands of ringgits making it a valuable piece of investment that owners often insure against theft, damage and loss. It is important to know exactly what your timepiece is worth for accurate valuations by insurers and legitimise the origins of your timepiece with a certificate of authentication.


Looking for a unique or classic timepiece?
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Need Professional Watch Repair Service?

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