About Us

The One-Stop Luxury Watch Repair Centre

Fulfilling his passion for timepieces, Penangite Vincent Wong opened Grand Montre in 2014 after thirteen years of repairing and restoring luxury timepieces. Located in Penang Plaza on Jalan Burma (behind Hotel Royal Penang), Grand Montre is a luxury watch repair centre that specialises in restoration and acquisitions.

The in-house service centre takes its name from the French word montre which means ‘watch’ or ‘timepiece’, and caters to affluent watch owners and collectors.

Crafting a Career

Vincent’s career in horology began at the age of 21, when he was hired as a watch repairer by Rolex Singapore Private Ltd, a leading international luxury watch brand. Whilst there, he was sent to the Rolex headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland to learn from the masters. He was taught the highly skilled craft of making, mending and maintaining complicated, and valuable mechanical timepieces.

After three years with Rolex, Vincent moved onto Breitling SA, a specialist in technical watches particularly famous for their civil aviation pieces. It wasn’t long before his expertise availed him of the opportunity to work for avant-garde fashion brands, Cartier and Zenith in Sydney, Australia.

Upon returning to his hometown and recognising the rarity of fine watchmakers, Vincent decided to open Grand Montre, a luxury watch repair centre providing in-house restoration and repair services to indulge and continue his love for horology.

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Need Professional Watch Repair Service?

Please bring your timepieces to our centre for a diagnosis so we can advice you accordingly.