Frequently Asked Questions

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Timepieces are sophisticated and highly complex machinery that require regular servicing and should be handled with the right tools, equipment, technical knowledge and trained experience to ensure the mechanical parts are disassembled, tested and reassembled with accuracy.

We are able to service most mechanical luxury timepieces. However there are some cases that requires major repair or major parts replacement because such parts are usually not available in the open market. If we come across such timepieces, we will advice you on alternative options or refer you back to the brand’s authorized service center. It is best if you can bring your timepiece in for a risk-free assessment.

Our watch repair service comes with a warranty of 12 months which ONLY applies to complete overhauls and is subject to terms and conditions. Kindly confirm with our staff upon enquiry.

The movement of your watch needs to be cleaned periodically since oil inside it becomes dry over time, and can often be the cause of the watch running slow or fast.

Water pressure testing is carried out on waterproof watches to ensure that the waterproof qualities are retained as per original factory criteria. The watches are placed in a special vacuum tank and pressure tested to 330 feet.
Water tightness is tested to ensure that water or moisture does not infiltrate the time piece. testing is compulsory every time your timepiece has been worked on even for a battery change. Click here for article on the care and maintenance of waterproof watches.

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Need Professional Watch Repair Service?

Please bring your timepieces to our centre for a diagnosis so we can advice you accordingly.