Caring for your waterproof watch

Many expensive timepieces come with a degree of waterproofing or ‘water-resistance’, but not many people know what this actually means. The indication of the degree of water resistance described either in meters, or in bars (1 bar = 10 meters = 33 feet) is a technical term used within the industry but does not correspond…
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Passion that stands the test of time

PENANGITE Vincent Ong was only 21 when he decided to apply to Rolex Singapore Private Ltd as a watch repairer. He got the job and that was the start of his horology career. Thirteen years down the road, he is still repairing, overhauling and restoring complicated mechanical watches which may have parts numbering anything from…
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Need Professional Watch Repair Service?

Please bring your timepieces to our centre for a diagnosis so we can advice you accordingly.